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Tax on Student Box Shipping Services

Students who are moving to a new area or to another country might find the student box shipping services very useful. These are a service that will transport boxes for students to anywhere in the world for a fee. As well as thinking about the price of shipping boxes, however, there is also the issue of tax.

When items are moved from one country to another there is sometimes tax to pay on them. Students should be aware that they will usually be exempt from this form of tax as they are only shipping their personal items. However, when a shipping service is creating a quote they will ask for a list of items and will make you aware if there are any import charges or tax on them.

Personal items that are over 12 months old are not normally seen as taxable items even when they are shipped in from another country. This is because they are recognised as being the student's own belongings.

There will, however, normally be tax to pay on the actual service in the form of VAT. Students will be made aware of this cost when they get a quote from the student box shipping services team.

As shown most students do not have to think about tax on student box shipping services. Such services are used for the transportation of personal goods and therefore these goods should not be subject to tax when they arrive at their destination.



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